What to do when vape tastes burnt

Vape tastes burnt can be an avoidable issue for vapers. It may too late to rectify the issue when questions such as why does my vape taste burnt or why am I getting burnt taste from vape happens. However, answers are here if, and when, your vape pen tastes burnt.
Vape tastes burnt? You are not alone. It happens and it's perhaps one of the worst experiences a vaper can feel. That awful and nasty feel to the throat as you take a long puff can, oftentimes, steer a vaper away from vaping.
Why do you get a burnt hit?
Why does my vape taste burnt is the all too familiar question a vaper will have at least once in his/her lifetime. What causes it and how to get rid of burnt taste in vape?
The coils start to burn the wicks when it's empty of liquid. This means that you are inhaling burnt cotton instead of vaporized liquid. How do you avoid getting burnt taste from vape? There are several reasons that can make your vape pen tastes burnt.
Incorrect priming of coils
The most common problem for getting a burnt taste is incorrect priming of coils. Getting the coils ready for vaping means to allow saturation of e-liquid to the wicks. Priming your coils properly means preventing a burnt hit from happening in the first place.
Puffing in a row
The wick dries up faster when you puff in a row. A slightly toasted taste is the first inkling you have that a burnt taste is about to happen. The best way is to rest your vape for a minute or two. This action will allow the liquid to saturate the wick's dry spots.
Wattage is too high for coil
Why my vape tastes burnt even when I have correctly primed the coils? The wattages used might be the culprit. Exceeding the coil limits with too high wattages quickly vaporizes the e-liquid. Not only that. The high wattage used will result in burning the wicks even when they still contain e-liquid. The smartest way to prevent this is to stay within the recommended wattage.
Using high-VG juice
Vape pens are not created equal. High-VG e-liquids can be used for some vape tanks and work properly. However, most vape tanks only allow 50% PG. Checking out the channel size of your wicks will prevent burnt hit issues. The smaller the diameter of the wick channels, the lesser chance of accommodating high-VG liquids.
It may be time to change the coil
It may be high time to change your coil if you still get burnt hits even when you've done all of the above. If the problem with the coil is caught early, then the burnt taste will go away after a few puffs. Unfortunately, getting a burnt hit could usually mean that the coil is primed to be binned.

The old adage, "Experience is the best teacher" applies to vaping as well. The more you vape, the more attuned you are to your vape pen. Not enjoying the taste like before will probably make you decide to change the coil.
In a nutshell

What makes the vape tastes burnt? The first experience will be devastating, to say the least, for any vaper, expert or novice. While you can do everything to resolve the issue, would it have been better to prevent it from happening in the first place?
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