What does "Stealth vape" mean?

How to stealth vape and the ways to vape more discretely
What does "Stealth vape" mean?
This is a funny topic. There is an increasing number of vapers that want to be discreet. Sub ohm vaping is notoriously obvious; Thick clouds of vapour are blown into the air and can be seen for what feels like miles. Put a few vapers in the same place, and the area can quickly become filled with thick white clouds of sweet smelling vapour.
When looking at vaping indoors, being undetected can be almost impossible.
In terms of visibility, vapour is significantly more distinguishable compared to tobacco smoke. It is thicker, whiter, and more visible than smoke. Although there are less restrictions on vaping with respect to smoking laws, vapers still find that the amount of vapour they produce can irritate non-smokers/vapers in close proximity, even though they aren't technically smoking, therefore they aren't technically doing anything wrong.
Some indoor spaces prohibit the use of e-cigarettes, such as train stations, airports, restaurants and bars. It's hard to understand why the prohibition takes place.
Most vapour is sweet to smell, harmless in terms of passive inhalation, and causes very little inconvenience compared to the effects of tobacco smoke, yet non-smokers/vapers kick up a massive fuss about it. Some people cough unnecessarily to make a point, some people screw their face up, and others out right voice their dissatisfaction.
Because of these factors, vapers have been some ingenious ways to vape discretely, or to "stealth vape" if you will. By the way, we're not suggesting you break any rules by vaping in places you shouldn't!

Let's have a look at these clever ways of being more discrete in more detail:
Holding it in!
Vapour pretty much dissipates when held in. Where it goes is pretty obvious, (soaked up by the lungs) which may be a concern to some people, but if you're going to vape, it's going to happen anyway. It's surprisingly effective. Nicotine absorption is increased because it is being held in the lungs, but just make sure you don't go too blue in the face!
Up your sleeve
The magician has many tricks up their sleeve, vapers have vapour up their sleeve. Surreptitiously holding your vape in your sleeve on one side, and blowing out the vapour in the other sleeve is a classic schoolyard trick that many magicians would be proud of.
It doesn't completely eradicate the vapour, but your sleeves do a good job of soaking it up and dissipating it.
Blowing out slowly
This can be effective, especially with higher resistance circuitry like vape pens (1 ohm +). Blowing out slowly can regulate the amount of vapour you're putting into the air, especially outdoors.
Straw and cup method
Once you've finished your milkshake, blowing the vapour into your cup can be a good way to get one hit of your vape. It's safe to say that most cups could only hold one puff's worth, but one puff can be all you need to satisfy a craving sometimes!
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