Vaping vs. smoking: which can cause the most damage to your lungs?

Questions like can vaping cause lung cancer, or does vaping damage lungs or can vaping cause fluid in lungs demand timely answers. In this article, we try to find answers.
Vaping vs. smoking lungs: which is the lesser evil? Or do they cause the same damage to the lungs?
The foremost reason for ex-smokers or smokers to veer towards vaping is because they believe it as a better alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Does science agree with this? It's a given that smoking traditional cigarettes is bad for anyone's health and well-being. Is vaping bad for lungs like cigarettes? If it is, can vaping cause lung cancer as well?

Science cannot say for sure if vaping gives the same effects as ordinary cigarettes.
All they can say is that more research is needed. What now?
Vaping is safer than cigarette smoking
When it comes to vape, Public Health England is the only organization that says that it is 95 percent better and healthier than smoking.

The thing that gives vaping the edge from smoking is because of the absence of tobacco burning. This means that the two dangerous elements of smoking such as carbon monoxide and tar are not found in vaping. It is because no combustion happens during vaping even when there's smoke.

However, this is not to say that vaping is totally safe for lung health. Extensive studies on animals have seen some airway irritation with the daily and long period of VG or PG. For now, no intensive human research has been done to see the effects of prolonged inhalation of PG or VG.
Vaping and lung health
The flavors used in vaping needs to be studied as they are potentially dangerous to lung health. How vaping affects your lungs depend on the mix of chemical compounds in most flavorings. Some flavors are meant to be eaten and not inhaled.

Does vaping damage lungs? One of the feared chemicals found in some e-liquid is diketones. A deadly disease called popcorn lung is said to be caused by this chemical when large quantities are inhaled.
Popcorn lung is another term used for fluid retention happening in the lungs. Can vaping cause fluid in lungs? It could if there are high levels of diketones content.

Fortunately, manufacturers of liquid flavors have reformulated and reduced the diketones levels in their products.
Vaping and lung cancer
Most of us know that one of the causes of lung cancer is smoking cigarettes. It can be said that vapes have been found to contain carcinogens. However, the risk of acquiring lung cancer is minimal at the least because of the low-level content.

Before you go out and celebrate, you need to know that overheating a vape device can produce carbonyls. This can create a real health risk because of the high levels of formaldehyde.

Nicotine-free vaping and lung health Is nicotine-free vaping bad for your lungs? Contrary to popular belief, nicotine has not been proven to cause cancer of the lungs. This was discovered by long-term studies regarding NRT or nicotine replacement therapy.
In closing

Vaping vs. smoking lungs: what is the best option? Do you think vaping is bad for your health? Well, maybe. But, it's a healthier alternative than smoking cigarettes.
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