The best e-liquid in the UK

A brief look at some contenders for the best e-liquids in the UK
E-liquids are very subjective. You might love vaping strawberry milkshake, whereas your friend might hate the taste of strawberries. I might vape custard cream biscuits all day and love every toke, whereas my partner can't stand custard flavours. So, there isn't an easy answer to the question "what is the best e-liquid?".
We can however look at some of the most popular e-liquids in the UK based on reviews, and more importantly the manufacturers that produce them. Usually, if you find a good e-liquid that ticks your boxes, the chances are the manufacturer produces other liquids to your liking.

Let's break down this into some of the various flavour profiles and discuss a few contenders in each:
Anarchist Mango
This simple Mango e-liquid has been reviewed many times throughout 2018. There are too many complex liquids out there that have 101 different flavours, ending with a flavour profile of what a food fight would taste like. This sweet juicy mango e-liquid is perfect for hot summer days.
Northland Vapor Blu Razzz
There are a hundred Blue Raspberry e-liquids on the market.
Although they are from North Dakota, USA. Northland's ethos is to use top quality raw materials to create premium e Liquid at a budget price, without the use of artificial sweeteners. This attention to detail makes this liquid worthy of a mention.
Super Suppai - Strawberry and Raspberry
Super Suppai have a range of e-liquids that are super sour and wake up the taste buds! This flavour is a mix of juicy sweet strawberries and sour raspberries. Tangy and sweet, this ticks all the boxes.
I VG Sweets, Bubblegum
I VG is dominating the e-liquid market in the UK. They have so many flavours we've lost count. But their Bubblegum variant is one of the best bubblegum's on the scene. It tastes just like the little bubblegum flavoured millions candy.
Charlie's Chalk Dust Wonder Worms
Do you remember the fizzy sugary candy worms? This e-liquid is exactly that. A combination of sugary sweets and fruity gummy worms create a vape reminiscent of your childhood in the candy store.
Dinner Lady Orange Tart
Dinner Lady are best known for their Lemon Tart, but that doesn't mean it is their best e-liquid. The Orange Tart delivers an updated biscuit base and bursting with sweet, juicy oranges, and to be fair, it smashes their other 19 flavours out of the park!
Wake Mod Co Strawbeezy
These guys make more than just mods, this e-liquid is based on a freshly baked artisan cheesecake with a sweet strawberry swirl, baked into a savoury graham cracker crust and topped with fresh cream. It sounds delicious doesn't it!
These are just a few of the best e-liquids in the UK right now. There are always more brands and flavours being produced, so keep an eye on the vape stores and get trying them!
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