Can you take Vapes on Planes
without sounding the alarm?

Questions like can you take vapes on planes, can you take vape juice on planes or can I take my vape mod on a plane can bother travelers who are into vaping. We've made it easy for you by answering these questions
Can you take vapes on planes without alarming everyone? Maybe you've leveled up from smoking simple cigarettes to vaping. That's cool. It only becomes bothersome when you have to travel. Worrying questions such as: can I take my vape on a plane or can I carry a vape on a plane are issues that need answers, fast.
Plane rules for vapes
Are vapes allowed on planes? Vapes or electronic cigarettes are permitted to be carried by travelers. However, like normal cigarettes, vaping is not allowed to be used while in flight. There are different rules to follow when carrying a vape as 'carry-on' or 'checking' it in as luggage. Knowing the differences between the two regulations is the smartest way to prevent the confiscation of your vape pen.
As Carry-on luggage
Yes, you can take your vape as carry-on luggage. Packing your vape in your carry-on luggage is actually the foremost requirement of TSA. This is probably the best way to safely take your vape with you. However, the vape has to remain in the bag because smoking is banned on board for every commercial flight.

As checked luggage
No way, sad to say. Vapes have batteries making them a potential fire risk hazard. That's the main reason why vapes and similar devices are not allowed as checked luggage.
Plane rules for vape juice
Any forms of liquids carried on flights are subject to security rules. What about vape liquid? Can you take vape juice on a plane?

Fortunately, vape liquid is allowed. However, the rule states that vape juice can only be inserted in your carry-on luggage if it's in a small container i.e. around 100ml or 3.4 ounces. The container must also be placed in a clear 1 quart sized zip lock plastic bag. Larger amounts of vape liquid need to be placed in checked luggage.

Vaping mod in airports or on the aircraft

Your vaping equipment should always be kept in clear sight at the airport. While there are airports that allow vaping, there is a lot that does not.

This begs the question: Can I take my vape mod on a plane? While Vape pens are allowed in planes, you can't vape inside the aircraft. Vape pens stay in the bag before and during the flight. The only time to remove the pen from your carry-on is when the airline requests for a gate check.
Vape rules for UK Airlines
Can you take vapes on a plane UK? UK airlines from British Airways, Flybe, EasyJet, and more have the same general rules as other commercial airlines when it comes to vapes, e-cigarettes, and vape liquids. Vapes can be packed on carry-on luggage but not on checked baggage.
There are designated areas in British airports that allow vaping. However, just like other aircraft regulations, vaping on a UK flight is a big no-no.
So, can you take vapes on planes? Yes, you definitely can.
However, checking out the website of your chosen airline is the smartest way to find more about their restrictions, if any, on vapes and vape liquids.
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