What are vape tricks and how tough is it to do?

The different vape tricks mean vaping has gained popular mainstream. However, how to do vape tricks or what is the best juice for vape tricks are the questions vapers also wonder at. How to do vape tricks for beginners is another popular issue for people switching to vaping. Read on to find out.
Vaping has become a mainstream and, like cigarette smoking, have its own share of vape tricks. Learning how to do vape tricks is now the focus for more impressive vaping. Entertaining it can be with some of the coolest vape smoke tricks. Some are super easy while some can only be performed by seasoned vapers.
The best Vape type for performing smoke tricks
Preparation is key to a great performance. The same rule applies to vape. The first thing to make sure you have is a great sub-ohm vape tank and vape mod. Using a regular vape pen makes it almost impossible to perform any of the tricks.

However, it does not mean that you need to invest in a top-of-the-line vape mode. So long as the equipment is an above par vape mod and sub-ohm vape tank, you're good to go.
The best e-juice for smoke tricks and blowing clouds
Would performing smoke tricks or blowing clouds require a special e-juice? If it does, what is the best juice for vape tricks?

It goes without saying that not all e-liquids are created equal. When it is all about blowing clouds and smoke tricks, vegetable glycerin or VG e-liquid is the one to go for. The e-liquid should contain, at the least, 80% VG.

VG is better than PG for performing vape tricks or blowing clouds. It is because VG has a more viscous and thicker component than PG. If you see a vaper enclosed in clouds, chances are the e-juice used is VG.
Beginner vape tricks
How to do vape tricks for beginners? Are there easy smoke tricks with vape that even a beginner can perform?

Yes, absolutely. While there are complicated and mind-blowing vape tricks, there are also the easy ones that almost all vaper is capable of doing.

Vapor Bubble
Not only will this impress people around you, but it's super easy to do as well. What is needed is a small plastic bottle. Cut a small hole on the bottom. Mix together water and hand soap in another container. Next, lower the bottom of the bottle into the mixed liquid. Take a hit on your vape, remove the bottle from the liquid and gently exhale the vapor not to the bottom part but to the neck of the bottle.

Ghost Inhale
This trick can be mastered even on your first try. It's a perfect smoke trick for beginners. Begin by taking a long drag on your vape. Keep the smoke inside your mouth for a few seconds. Exhale the vapor by opening your mouth in an O-shape. Quickly close your mouth before the vapor goes out. Just let the vapor peek through and inhale it back to your mouth. It's really an easy and neat trick!

One of the best ways to pass time is to learn and perform vape tricks. Perfect practice they say makes a perfect performance. You can watch online videos on how to perform the tricks. You can practice in front of the mirror to see if you're doing it right. The possibilities are endless, to say the least.
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