Is Vaping harmful to your health?

Knowing answers to questions like is vaping harmful, are electronic cigarettes harmful or is secondary vape smoke harmful gives you all the options whether to start vaping or not. In essence, knowing the facts about vaping is smarter
Is vaping harmful or beneficial than smoking traditional cigarettes?
If you think that vaping is the best alternative to quit smoking, you are not alone.
Yet, the option to choose to vape over traditional cigarettes may be another loaded gun.
It goes without saying that one of the best things you can do for your health is to stop smoking. Heart disease is the number one culprit other than lung diseases caused by smoking and secondhand smoke. Would this apply to vape as well? Is vaping harmful to lungs? Read on to find out about the harmful effects of vaping if there are any.
Vaping effects on the lungs
The popularity of vaping or using e-cigarettes is increasing because they are seen as a safer alternative to smoking normal cigarettes. However, is vaping really safe?

While vaping is very popular nowadays, the question still remains-are electronic cigarettes harmful to the lungs? According to WebMD, the vapor emanating from vapes might harm tissues of the lungs just like traditional cigarettes. It does not matter whether the juice used in vaping is nicotine-free or contains nicotine. What matters is the inflammation risk to the cells that provides protection to the tissues of the lungs.

This was proven in a research test conducted by a British study. The study found that the vapor harms the cells in the lungs, making them vulnerable to allergens, bacteria, and dust. This might well cause incurable lung conditions such as COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

However, the researchers are quick to state that the results are still inconclusive. This means that long-term studies are needed to prove the harmful or beneficial effects of vaping. It has been noted that e-cigarettes have only been around for a decade.
Secondary smoke effects of vaping
It cannot be stressed enough that secondary or passive smoking is dangerous to anyone's health, especially for children. If quitting a smoking habit is not the immediate option, the least a smoker can do is to make the home smoke-free.

What about vape smoke? Is secondary vape smoke harmful to the environment and people around you? Will it cause the same dangerous effects as traditional cigarettes? According to NHS online site, tobacco smoke is not the end product produced by vaping or smoking e-cigarettes. While the jury is still out on this issue, it has been noted that the risk of passive vaping is minimal.

It is because the vapors released by vaping contain negligible nicotine to pose a risk to life and limb. Be that as it may, health professionals still highly recommend that vaping should be avoided in the presence of children, babies or pregnant women.
Is vaping harmful to you and the people around you? The answer is inconclusive because vaping is still a new smoking alternative. Vaping has only been around for a decade which makes it ineligible for long-term conclusions. Yet, researchers agree that if vaping started during the teenage years eventually encourage a traditional cigarette smoking habit.
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