Is Nicotine Bad for you
in Vapes and is it harmful?

One frequent question being asked by vapers is – is nicotine bad for you in vapes? Here, we answer this question and also look at other questions such as is vaping bad? Are vapes safe? And is vaping 0 nicotine safe?

In today's world where cigarette is receiving all the negative hypes, many people are turning to vapes as an alternative. Interestingly, the cultural, social, public and personal health effects of vaping have not been established yet and neither is there a factual statement that has been able to answer the question - is vaping bad? There are no extensive research documents highlighting the effects of vaping on the body like we have with conventional smoking. Since there is no concrete and factual reports, it is normal for individuals vapers to ask the question - are vapes safe?
For most vapers and potential vapers, the big question that needs answer has to do with – is vaping safe? Before examining this question and providing answers to the safety or otherwise of vaping, it is important to understand what vaping is all about.

Vaping is a bit more complex than the conventional smoking where all you need is dried shredded tobacco that is folded in a paper tube, and a lighter to set it on fire from one end while you inhale the smoke from the other end of the tube. With vaping, you require a vaping device, which heats up a volatile e-liquid in a cartridge. You then inhale the vapor that is produced from the liquid. So since you don't inhale 'smoke' when vaping, are vapes safe then?
To answer this question, it is essential to look at the ingredients in the e-liquid of vapes. The ingredients in vape juice are quite simple; it contains glycerin. The clouds generated from the vapor come from propylene glycol, and the flavoring comes from flavors. The next question that comes to mind then is; does vape have nicotine? Well, according to an article in Gizmodo, the nicotine in vapes are gotten as a pharmaceutical-grade pure concentrate.

For many people, vaping is a good alternative to smoking. As a matter of fact, it is used for smoking cessation among people trying to quit smoking. It replicates the act of smoking without the dangerous carcinogens inherent in burning cigarettes.
Now to answer the question; is vaping bad for you? The answer depends on a lot of factor. First understand that vaping nicotine is just like smoking cigarette. So if you are running away from cigarette, you might want to check the content of your vape. The next question that comes to mind then is - is vaping 0 nicotine safe? The answer is yes. Without nicotine in vape juice, you are only inhaling flavors and vaporized glycerin.

There has been no established fact about the effect of vaping on the health but diluted nicotine can have adverse effect. Except you are able to prove that the content of your e-juice is actually of top quality, then you might not have to worry about the question – is vaping safe? Additionally, vaping without nicotine is a safe alternative.
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