How to Refill e-cig with
e-Liquid for perfect Vaping?
Knowing how to refill e-cig with e-liquid is a great way to achieve perfect vaping. In this blog, we will look at what this means.
Before we talk about how to refill e-cig with e-liquid, it is important to understand that there are different kinds of e-cigarettes. This means there are different means of refilling each of them. There are some that you can fill by using fresh tanks. Some others function through manual filling of the clear-omizer with e-liquid. It is important to understand that how often you vape will determine how often you refill your e-cig.
Closed systems
If you have a closed system e-cigarette, understand that they use tanks. This means that the e-liquid is inside the tank, which is also called cartridge.
These tanks cannot be refilled manually. In case you want to know how to fill vape tank, it is straightforward as all you need is a change.

When you begin to notice changes in the performance of your e-cig, you should start considering a replacement with a new tank. Usually, some changes you will notice include weaker flavor and less vapor production.

When you want to replace your closed system e-cig, unscrew the used tank and dispose of it in a responsible manner. Now take the new tank and screw it up into the device. Ensure that the tank is attached in a secured manner as this may impact the production of vapor.
If you are using the open system e-cig, you will learn how to fill a vape in a bit. An open system e-cig comes with a clear-omizer that allows the e-liquid to be topped manually. Let's look at how to put liquid in a vape.
To refill your e-cig,
simply follow these easy steps.
Unscrew the mouthpiece and the battery from the clear-omizer
Position the nozzle on the inside wall. Make sure you avoid the center tubing.
Squeeze the nozzle to fill the clear-omizer. As you do, gauge the level through the clear window. Ensure you don't fill it above the top of the window.
Screw the battery and mouthpiece back on the clear-omizer.
Take a couple of shorter drags
in order to prime the e-cig for perfect vapor production
It is crucial that you keep the e-liquid away from the center tubing to prevent flooding. Flooding occurs when e-liquid enters the mouthpiece. This usually results in bad taste during vaping. We recommend that you refill your e-cig over a paper towel to make it easy to mop up spilled e-liquid. Also remember to clean up the mouthpiece after refilling for a smooth and perfect draw.

If you have been wondering about how to put liquid in a vape, this process is very seamless. Follow the steps highlighted above for your refilling. As a bonus, in case you have been wondering about what is in vape juice, well the ingredients are simple. It contains propylene glycol, glycerin, flavor, and nicotine.
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