How to quit vaping

Helpful ways to cut down vaping, and quit vaping
There are thousands of resources for quitting smoking. After all, people have been trying to quit for decades. But, there are very few resources available specifically for those who are looking to quit vaping. On the bright side, however, the process for quitting smoking is almost identical to the one for quitting vaping, with the added benefit of being able to fully control the amount of nicotine you use, depending on the e-cigarette you're using.
Below, there are some recommended ways to address your vaping addiction.
Hopefully one of them will be the right fit for you:

The Reductionary method
With the reductionary method, you first set your plan in place to begin quitting. Then, you'll get your e-juice in a staged reduction of nicotine, and follow a schedule to slowly decrease the amount of nicotine you take in. You can reduce it incrementally by the day, week, month, or whatever works best for you. Keep in mind that reducing it too fast could encourage a relapse by increasing the intensity of nicotine withdrawal, and we don't want that!

Do you know what helps with the reductionary method? A good source of quality vape juice that can be ordered in increments of nicotine all the way down to ZERO! Once at zero nicotine, try to find an e-liquid that you enjoy vaping so you are vaping for the flavor and not for the nicotine. After 2 weeks you will have no nicotine in your system, and you will be left with simply the habit of vaping, not an addiction to nicotine.
Structured Quitting Programs
Positioned as a firm alternative to the "replace one addiction with another" method offered by nicotine replacement therapy, as well as providing a self-managed approach to the mental strength elements in many therapies. Structured quitting programs focus on the mental and emotional aspects of quitting. Often, you'll learn alternatives to the addictive ritual of vaping or smoking, in addition to ways to strengthen your mind and willpower against the power of addiction.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy
To lessen nicotine withdrawal while working on breaking the ritual of vaping, it can be helpful to use a form of nicotine replacement therapy. This is a good method to speak with a health professional about, as there are various forms of therapy like patches, mouth spray, or gum. All three are available over the counter at most pharmacies, but you want to be careful as to not overdo your nicotine intake and make yourself unwell.
As with most addictions, every person has their own formula to success. It's all about finding what method works best for you, and the only way to quit vaping is by trying them all!
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