How to make your own vape juice

An overview of making your own vape juice
Making your own vape juice can save you a LOT of money. It takes some practice, but once you have a recipe mastered, it saves a lot of hassle. There's no need to pay delivery charges over and over again if you usually buy your e-liquid online on a weekly basis. There's no more trips into town to swing by your local vape shop, and there's a lot of money to be saved!
To put it simply, you will need 4 ingredients:
Vegetable glycerine
Flavourings / Concentrates
Propenyl glycol
ALWAYS make sure that you buy all of your vape juice ingredients from reputable sources. You get what you pay for, so don't be lured in to cheap products. Even using the most expensive ingredients will work out cheaper than buying pre-made e-juice.
We will start with the easiest, finishing with the most
difficult method of making your vape juice:
"One shot wonder" concentrates
These are a great way to make high quality e-liquid and save money at the same time. Many big juice manufacturers publish their vape juice recipes online, and other companies (one being Boss Shots) come along and make the recipes and sell them in concentrate form, usually in big bottles from 100ml to 1000ml. In addition to the concentrate, you will need to mix you VG and PG at a ratio that you are happy with (65% VG 35% PG is always a good starting point). You can buy premade VG/PG mixes online at very cheap prices, this saves the hassle of mixing it yourself.

Add the right amount of nicotine, then simply add the concentrate (10-20% works best depending on the flavour) to your mix and you have a litres and litres of premium e-liquid made at a fraction of the cost. You may need an e-juice calculator to work out the how much of each ingredient to add.
Making your own recipes
This is by far the most difficult and time-consuming way to make your own e-liquid.
Like when making one shot wonder e-liquids, make sure you buy your VG, PG and nicotine from reputable vendors.

There are thousands of flavour concentrates out there, some taste great, some not so great, so it may take a while to find the best concentrates. Looking on forums online can be helpful, because others will have made the common mistakes and will tell you what to look out for before you waste money on a litre of disgusting concentrate.
One drop of concentrate can make all the difference, and if you put in one drop too many, it can turn a delicious tasting vape juice in to a bitter mess. Start off with small batches, and make sure you get the ratios right. Too much concentrate can make the liquid unvapable, so use small amounts to begin with.
Finally, use a e-liquid calculator to make sure you are using the right amounts of each ingredient to get the nicotine strength and ratios to your preferences.

After a few hundred attempts, you should come up with a recipe for success!
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