How long to charge a vape battery

How long does it take to charge up a vape battery
Some vapes, mods, devices, whatever you want to call them, have internal batteries.
This makes knowing when the battery is full incredibly easy to detect. There is usually some kind of method of communicating that the battery is charging, or full, to the user. Most devices flash or have a battery icon when they are being charged. When they are full, they usually stop flashing or switch off.

This usually take anywhere between 1-4 hours to charge up from empty to fully charged.
The only thing that could be harmful are the batteries and these can potentially be very dangerous
Some devices allow you to remove the batteries and charge them externally, through a specific battery charger. These are typically 18650 batteries (18mm wide x 65mm long), which can also be used in torches.
E-cigarettes are relatively harmless. Ironically, the only thing that could be harmful are the batteries and these can potentially be very dangerous. When fully charged, they have enough power in them to cause a lot of damage. When these are taken out of the device, make sure that the only other place they will be is the charger. Don't be tempted to put them in your pocket (unless protected by a specific battery case). If you have money in your pocket, and coins touch each end of the battery, it will vent (explode) and you will be going straight to the hospital for a skin graft. This is no joke!
External battery chargers come in all shapes and sizes. Some accommodate 2 batteries, some can hold 10. They can be cheap and simple, giving only 3 or 4 LEDs to show you how full the batteries are. Some are more expensive and therefore more advanced, providing digital screens to show the user exactly how much power is in the batteries, shown in voltage. They can also show you how long they have been on charge and how long is left until they are full.

Some chargers have an express charge function which charges 2 batteries in less than 2 hours. Normal charging would take anywhere between 2-4 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

Batteries have a sweet spot of 4.20 volts. This is their state when they are fully charged, and when they work at their best. If you have a device that shows you the voltage being drawn from the battery, it is best to make sure that this never goes over 4.20 volts. This ensures that the batteries aren't pushed beyond their comfort zone of 4.20 volts, and you'll find your batteries will last longer if kept below this figure.

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