Do strict Vaping laws affect
tourism across the globe?

It pays to know the vaping laws of a tourist destination before you carry your vape with you. Knowing the country's laws regarding e-cigarettes or any new vaping laws is the smartest way to travel with your vape
Vaping laws vary widely around the world. Vaping laws UK generally encourage vaping. It's because the country's health agencies have seen the big and expensive burden caused by smoking. They realized that it's more economical for the country if smokers switch to vaping.
A bird's eye view of vape laws in the different parts of the world

There are a lot of countries that may outwardly allow a vaping market. However, their official endorsement for vaping is hardly enthusiastic. Canada is one of the countries that have created new vaping laws that are similar to United Kingdom.

The FDA of the United States has sole authority over vapor products sold in the country. However, the organization still has to create a regulatory system for the products.

Vaping is banned in 40 countries in the Middle East, South America, and Asia including their importation or sales, their use or both. Some laws regarding e-cigarettes in these countries make vaping illegal, either to sell, to own or to use.

Some vaping laws of countries can be downright confusing.
Japan, for instance, makes it legal for vape products to be sold and used. It's only e-liquid with nicotine that is considered illegal. Yet, the country considers it legal to use or sell products like IQOS or heat-not-burn tobacco.

On the flip side, some Asian countries have stricter vaping laws. Thailand, for example, has one of the most rigid ones. Vaping is simply not a thing to do when you come to visit this lovely paradise.

It is only in Europe that you won't encounter vaping prohibitions. This is because the Tobacco Products Directive covers vaping laws of the EU or European Union. This means that any restrictions towards vaping, will be on the same line as vaping laws UK.
Smoking laws and vaping

Do smoking laws apply to vaping as well? Unfortunately, they do. Countries that ban smoking in public places such as casinos, restaurants, parks, bars, and workplaces also ban vape use. This is because public health of various countries are compromised when vaping is exempted.

Vaping still has to establish facts that it's safe for the user and the people around him or her. More research is needed to understand and know whether vaping is really safe especially for nonusers.
Vape dripping

How does new vaping law affect dripping? Stronger and thicker vapor is the end result when the liquid is directly dripped into the heat coil. Where there's smoke, smoking law bans are in place. This is to say that vape dripping is subject to the same restrictions as the non-smoking laws of any country.
Vaping laws and tourism

Is tourism affected in the countries that consider vaping illegal? It might for vape users. The smartest way for a vape user to find out beforehand if the potential tourist destination bans vaping is to know their vaping laws. Forearmed is always forewarned.
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