Subtle aspects of Tank Choice
Subtle aspects
of Tank Choice
Vaping is an awfully dynamic industry! Since the first half of the year 2016 the market has been changing several times a day. I'm neither kidding nor humming it up. On any vaping news portal you can check out all the latest vaping hardware that were appeared in the last few days. The Celestial Empire is surely the main mass producer of the hardware, but manufacturers from the West are not going to slow down as well.

If you are just a beginner vaper and have not gained insight into the nuances and characteristics of the devices yet, I'm happy to advise you where to start. Actually I'll describe some goodies in the following 4 or 5 articles, which I have been enjoying for a long time and which had left a very good impression on me. I'll use these devices as the examples to tell you about the most effective and interesting construction solutions found by various producers from every corner of the world.

Today let's talk about tanks.

Important! I'm certainly not urging you to purchase devices, which I'm going to tell you about. Please be aware that when giving these examples I'm just trying to make you understand the principal characteristics, that you should keep in mind when choosing a device.

Besides, I believe it is pointless to talk about old-fashioned items because their construction is markedly different from the best modern tanks, but it would be fair to include a couple of oldtimer devices in our selection.
Cthulhu v2 by Cthulhu Mods
This old-fashioned tank used to be admired by many. I also was among those impressed by this atomizer. What was its peculiarity and why it can still be found in vape shops? It’s quite simple: the flavor rendered by Cthulhu v2 was unprecedented for its time. At that time choice of tanks was guided exclusively by their practicability and higher mobility. When a vaper wanted to feel the full flavor of an e-liquid, he used a drip, not a tank. And Cthulhu was among the first items belonging to the new era of tanks — "tasteful" tanks.
The key secret of the atty was a very small spherical vaporizer chamber, which was visibly getting narrower from its middle to the top, forming a spherical shape. Thanks to such a construction the tank could surprise one and all with the concentrated and rich flavor and it was the thing, which no other tank could be proud of before. And the same was its main drawback — a tiny vaporizer chamber meant a small base and consequently quite a lot of troubles and inconveniences to a user when he was trying to replace either coils or wick.

Every little manipulation with coils was immediately followed by a short circuit to a dome. And a bit too much of wicking material or its tight fit into the grooves were immediately followed by the burnt taste. Even the experienced men in vape shops could not cope with Cthulhu on their first try. And much less could I, when I decided, for instance, to replace a wick or put new coils without any assistance. In addition, Cthulhu Mods Company, which is so far operating, was always known for rather questionable quality of finishing of its devices: screw thread was seizing, rubber rings were tearing and wearing off and glasses could be easily broken.

All these inconveniences together turned every tank servicing session into a couple of hours of tizzy and hatred to those around you. Nevertheless, the advantages of this atomizer allowed it to enter the vaping history as one of the most famous tanks of the Vaping Golden Age. It would certainly be the height of stupidity to purchase it in 2018, but if you will get a chance to hold it in your hands or even try it, I strongly recommend that you do it.

Griffin by Geekvape
It is an another tank from the past used by every five in ten people. Griffin’s capability to render flavor was much lower than that of Cthulhu, but it had the advantage of serviceability and high-quality assembly. Griffin had a higher dome, its airflow control system was similar to Cthulhu’s system and laying of wicking material was a child’s play even for the most clumsy vaper.
Actually Griffin was not a game changing product in the industry. The gentlemen from Geekvape have just improved the existing patents and presented to the vaping world a high-quality product for everyone. I cannot remember so far any other tank so widely used. Griffin was indeed used by almost every vaper.

The fans of complex coils have also appreciated the advantages of Griffin. A plenty of space under the dome was occupied by Coil Porn, which allowed better rendering of flavor. The fatter coils put in Griffin revealed its main drawback — it had too small e-juice tank. If you used a tank with big and porous coils, you had to fill it with e-liquid every 5 minutes. The ratio of your e-juice consumption to the tank volume was really disappointing. That was the reason for Griffin to loose popularity.


Right here most vaping experts and veterans (what are you doing here?) will become outraged and start to rub my nose in the fact that TFV 8 was preceded by TFV 8 and TFV 4 with the same operating principle and similar construction. It’s true, but please note that it is the TFV 8, which became the first and really effective tank containing big vaporizers and it would be senseless to claim the opposite. The statistics are the eloquent and definite evidence for this point.
This atomizer could not boast of rich flavor, but that wasn’t its primary goal; it was designed so high powered to produce huge clouds. The key feature of TFV was its vaporizers, which were compatible with practically all and any e-liquids and could be stuffed even with the just appeared MAX VG liquids. Disposable tanks by SMOK had huge grooves and fed e-liquid perfectly well. Thanks to its massive airflow holes and the vaporizers, which could be stuffed with any e-liquid, the tank provided free airflow with a lot of vapor and quite a good flavor.

Two main drawbacks of this atty were its rather poor flavor rendering and a terrible rebuildable base. Of course, the tank could be equipped with a rebuildable base instead of vaporizers, but that manipulation would be totaly useless. That wouldn’t make the flavor richer or the servicing easier, rather on the contrary, laying of wicking material was a hell of a headache — the tank was constantly leaking. Thus TFV 8 became the best selling tank as it was perfectly operating on disposable vaporizers.

Reload RTA
After quite a long period of absence of any innovative ideas about tanks, some next-generation atomizers were put on the market. Reload became one of the most outstanding products among the modern RTA.

Tanks from the aforesaid segment are much like drips with a separate e-juice tank. These tanks provided flavor rending like that provided by drip vaping due to the most precise ratio of the vaporizer chamber volume to the airflow. The base designed for big and fat coils was very close to vaper's lips. Specifically the vaporizer chamber itself was pretty wide, but very low.

This type of a dome, combined with an interesting airflow control system with the airflow arrow pointed directly on your coils, allowed very good flavor rendering. Namely due to their wide and low vaporizer chamber Reload RTA and similar products looked different from the oldtimer tanks. At first glance they looked like rather fat stealth tanks.

Petri RTA, Reload, Manta and similar atties remain very popular. They are being used not only by fans of plates and MechBoxes, but also by lovers of single mech mods, which are fully compatible with the subj.

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