Subtle aspects of RDA choice
Subtle aspects of RDA choice
Let’s continue our discussions about atomizers and their fundamental characteristics. In this topic I would like to talk about evolution of RDA, namely, to go over details of a couple of the most interesting and popular drips from the past and to focus on the main advantages of the top hyped RDAs in the vaping history. What’s all this in aid of? It’s quite simple: all these will be necessary to identify methodically the main features that affect the RDA efficiency.

In time gone by, approximately, in 2015, there were a number of reasons, why vapers had to choose between taste and amount of vape. Of course you and I cannot agree on any nuances regarding atomizers which I have chosen, but this only speaks about one thing — all the beauty of vaping is its broad variety and excellent taste.
Derringer RDA
This is a drip, named after the handgun Remington Derringer. I know by name several guys that called it a "band-master", but this slang name did not get widespread. RDA came to the market in 2015 and almost immediately snatched a title of one of the most delicious drips. At that time it were falsely assumed in vaper circles that drips with bottom airflow are more for taste and with side airflow for the biggest clouds.
Derringer became one of the first RDAs that successfully disproved such a classification. A little later we'll remember about this myth and puzzle out what is what. All the specificity and "softness" of this drip was in a very small vapor chamber. Almost all coils of any size produced a very bright taste under such a close domed top cap. But this, of course, was the main drawback – complication and inconvenience when installing new coils. There were several of the most popular builds for this drip, which were rarely turned out to be due to an acute lack of space on the base.

Kennedy RDA 22
Just Legend. You cannot even imagine (or maybe you can) how often I personally had to hear the thesis that the Kennedy and various interpretations of it are the best drip of ever. From 2015 to this day, if you visit any shop and ask a questions straight off the reel, what drip is the most delicious and convenient, at least 50% of those present will answer "Of course, Kennedy!" in the same second.
Of course, this opinion has the right to exist. In fact, the very first Kennedy and its further variations rendered a flavor of your e-liquid really very well. The reasons for this are an atomizer construction with bottom airflow and an efficient shape of the top cap.
By contrast with drips with a small vapor chamber, Kennedy could please quite good clouds. Inasmuch as the drip appeared on the market during the era of cloud chasing popularization, but did not possess a colossal vape generation, the manufacturer decided to impress the atomizer owners and released another domed top cap for the drip - Demon Cap; that was a domed top cap with additional airflows at the top part. Such modernization allowed a significant increase in the amount of vape and solved the problem of strong heating of the top cap, but partially cut a signature taste of drips.

Twisted Messes RDA
This 22-millimeter drip from one of the most famous coil manufacturer has become so beloved for various reasons.

Firstly, at that time cloud contests were regular held around the world and it was happened so, that several of the most titled winners took part with this drip. Atomizer instantly got a title of the cloudiest drip. Secondly, the convenience of coils installing in this RDA was an obvious advantage and at that moment the coil-building was gaining popularity among Russian vapers. If you will not be too lazy to open YouTube, you can independently look at the materials of that period and make sure that this particular atomizer appears in every second videos about coils .
The drip did not rendered a taste well, but, as mentioned, it was no the brightest crayon in the box. It was purchased mostly by fans of huge clouds. The drip airflow construction was really was worthy of an ovation. The RDA design was pleasant and pleasing to the eye. The most important drawback of the drips was very poor quality hexagon drives, which could turn into dust after several services.

Goon and Apocalypse
I am ready that right now I will be shot down in flames, pelted with rotten tomatoes and other unpleasant things or substances and I already see anger of Goon and Apocalypse fans, but I just have to say this: I do not see the difference between these two drips. Well, seriously, damn, they're the same. Let's take a closer look.

Goon appeared earlier, may be, about half a year or slightly more. After the release of Apocalypse all without exeption called him a Goon murderer, but just why there needed a killer or why it was necessary to kill something, is still not very clear.
In fact, both RDAs reliably cultivated love to clamp posts in our hearts. Goon had slightly less comfortable posts, although the owners of Apocalypse from the initial batches have faced with such troubles, that a thread was overturned from posts after coils heating. These are just very rare cases. Airflow by both drips is almost identical, although was performed differently, but in truth they have the same pull. The domed top cap treatment and their shape from the inside are just clones with minimal deviations that do not greatly affect the efficiency. The only objective plus in favor of Apocalypse is a slightly better performance of bolts. Although this can also be argued. I'm sure there will be lovers.
Let's get to the bottom of topic.
If you for some reason have never tried one of these drips, it's very strange. Although this couple is already about two years old, they are still sold like hotcakes from the shelves of vape shops and are being exploited by many vapers throughout the world. These drips striped away the myth that RDAs with side airflow cannot render a taste. Thanks to the correct calculations and excellent performance of domed top cap shape present drips are both full of taste. In addition, a very easy pull helps the user to blow decent clouds of vape, this is also a plus! The drip bases are very spacious and in combination with clamp posts it allows you to cram almost any coils. Explore it as you please!
I understand perfectly that I have listed far from all the drips that forced the market to resonate, and the fans will be surprised and applauded. There were all kinds like LowPro, Mutation, Mason and "Dogs" and so on and so forth,
but to disassemble in detail the pros and cons of each should be a topic of a graduation work on vaping at least.
I tried to tell you about that was stood out in my mind most of all. Hope, that you have selected for yourself
a little bit of implicit information and are satisfied.

Today we live in a new era and I have not forgotten about it. Concerning the innovative single-coil squonk drips,
we'll have another discussion, they will be devoted to a separate text. See you!

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