Step up to the plate
Step up to the plate
If you can’t be bothered to keep track of resistance of your new coils and periodically clean your device, and besides, you are not very clear what’s the deal of copper and brass pipes for an over 40,000 rubles and you have no wish to schlep 3−4 batteries around each day/ in this case you need to purchase for yourself a plate.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that I have no issue with mechs, but I can imagine why several vapers have no wish to use a mechanical device. Well, there is no accounting for tastes, and for this reason we are going to consider the characteristics of mods with a plate.
Host of functions
From the word go, we need to decide what you want from your device.

  • Do you need your setup working more than a day without recharging?
  • What power are you interested in?
  • Do you need a large color screen, pleasant tactile sensations or the ability to fully customize a device?
  • In addition, in the context of autonomy of electronic cigarettes, you should set sights on airflow. Do we prefer the classic direct-to-lung inhale with huge clouds and hot vape or do we want a cigarette inhale with strong e-liquids and a great nicotine dose?
Output and autonomy
Here we have a fork with several possible ways. If we want to get very heavy vape with drip or trendy subohm tank, we just need a device at least 85 watts for two batteries. With 80−85 watts you can already make a very hot and cloudy build. The battery charge will be proper in this situation. But be ready to have 2−3 batteries for such a device. You should vape very rarely so the batteries capacity would be enough at least for one day. But this is not our option. If such autonomy does not suit us and we do not want to constantly charge with a battery during the day, we can consider a number of devices with a large number of batteries starting from three. In this case, our charge will be enough for a day, even for a couple. Depending on your appetite.

The second way will be actual if you are interested in vaping at low power about 20−50 watts, using a single-coil drip or MTL-atomizer. In this case, a box of 75 watts and one battery will be enough and to spare. In a situation with a single-coil drip, you will most likely need one additional battery, but in case with cigarette inhale one battery charge will suffice for a long time.
Varied plates and real figures
If you want to customize everything for yourself, you have only one option — DNA. Of course, DNA is not the only plate on the market, in the settings of which it is possible to fiddle with, but it does not have any competitors for accuracy after customizing. With all the other devices you can face with the extra headaches. Be careful!

If you are not interested in scrupulous and meticulous customizing of any details and you are ready to be content with pre-prepared modes, you should pay attention to the "honesty" of the devices. It's not a secret, but multiple people do not know that 70 watts on one plate and 70 watts on another plate can be completely different. In fact, on 90% of plates very strange things happen with your power after 60-70 watts. Really honest figures demonstrate only a few high endings, for example VICIOUS ANT, and besides them - VOOPOO, DNA and ASMODUS. To check this, you can take your favorite build to your atomizer and alternately run it on one of the listed in this article and then on some average "Chinese one". The difference becomes obvious.
    Visual appearance
    That is a favorite topic for aesthetes of vaping world. Most boxmodes with plate are similar to each other. Because of this, having a really unique setup for someone is a sign of a really good taste. Sadly almost all externally beautiful devices are expensive, and those that are not very expensive and look quite tolerable, have some functional defects and problems. The exception to this rule is ASMODUS. It is worth to add that it's my humble opinion; otherwise you'll begin to bite me.
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