In fact, a very large number can be identified as "plates", but some of which are not actually equipped with real plates.

Put it more bluntly, "plates" are any electronic cigarettes that have controls or other electrical elements that perform a certain function. This can be protection from too low atomizer resistance, from reversing the polarity on a battery, protection from critical battery discharge, voltage regulation and other pleasant goodies. In order to easily remember all the details, let's divide all possible "plates" into three subgroups: variable voltage (VV), variable wattage (VW) and hybrids mods.
Variable wattage mods
Here everything is easy even for newcomers. VW are the very boxes with display and digits that you can see on a variety of photos and store shelves. VW shows capacity of your device, resistance of your atomizer, voltage, the remaining battery charge and so on. For the moment several VW are very nearly to show you a movie, but, in my humble opinion, this is superfluous.
For all the time of the existence of electronic cigarettes, many "plates" manufacturers have tried to "reinvent the wheel" and fill their device with as many interesting functions as possible. The most famous of which are thermo-control, which never gained iconic status in the vape world and became a real rudiment. By the way, it really works well only on Lost Vape plates (more known for you as DNA) and on the plates of the Taiwan company ASMODUS.

Variable voltage mods
First let’s try to forget the "watt" term. Okay, do not forget, but push back a bit. In fact, it’s just a voltage index, not a physical quantity. Indeed, there are volts that measure voltage, and VV is an automatic converter of your voltage at that ratio. In order to verify this yourself, you can wind on your VV two atomizers with different resistance. For example, 0.2 ohms and 0.8 ohm. When pressing a button, you will observe how the voltage supplied by your boxmod to the atomizer differs and the value of watts will remain the same as you have set. It’s like an automatic gearbox in a car, got the picture?
Variable voltage mods have a lesser set of options. To be more precise, it is possible to regulate at the VV (attention!) voltages only. Unexpected, is not it?

The VV archetype has survived usefulness with the appearance of good VV. Now just very few qualified VV are left on the market. It speaks for itself. So it turned out that such devices as HEXOHM or Tesla Invader are regarded as kind of mechanical modes or at least their close relatives. Although, in fact, they are closer to the "plates" on the principle of their work, because they are the real VVs.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! He is the guy!

What are hybrids? These are devices that work according to all the principles and rules of mechanical mode, but it is not the same. Telling in more detail, hybrids always have protection from battery discharge, low resistance, and sometimes even minimal indication. Oftentimes, that is built into the button. Absolutely all such devices lose their power along with battery discharge. Proportional to the discharge of battery your device works less and less effective. Hybrids have a built-in battery in 99% of cases . And, in my opinion, that is is their main problem.
We should discuss the subtle aspects of "plate" choice in one of the following topics. Just stay tuned, dear friends!
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