What about the tubes?
What about the tubes?
Let's continue our cyclus of short but very informative topics. In this ne we will talk about mechanical modes; let's discuss their operating principals and consider a number of characteristics and features of the subject.

Mechanical mod is a class of the electronic cigarettes with most simple construction. But don't let be fooled with such a clumsy definition, because mechanical mods are not for vapors-newcomers and mechs using requires a certain amount of knowledge. More on that later.

Most mechs have an elongated cylindrical (phallic, lol) shape, in other words, they look like tube. Besides of "tubes" there are also mechanical boxes — mechboxes. Visually they look more like boxes or classic adjustable boxmodes. The similar shapes to regulated electronic cigarettes (plates) and mechanical ones cause a confusion for vapors-newcomers. This is one of the problems that we will try to bring it naught completely and thoroughly.

The first important thesis
Regardless of shapes and performance all mechanical modes combine one thing — the absence of electronic controls, as well as absence of any built-in electronic components. The only permitted thing for unregulated boxmodes is a voltmeter. Thus, the iJust is not a mechanical mod. Remember this, please!

Truly mech has no protection from overload, overheating and short circuit. As a consequence, the user of mechanical mode must clearly understand what exactly he is doing and why. An incorrectly installed build can cause some damage, both to the mod and to its owner. It would be cool to mention here another very important thesis.

    The first important thesis
    mechanical modes do not explode and never have exploded. All that you saw in news was fireworks because of incorrect batteries. But each and all incident were the misuse failure of electronic cigarettes. I will repeat it ones again: if you do not fully understand the principles of the operation of mechanical mods, please, do not start to use them.

    The mechanical mod works on the resistance of your atomizer. So the only thing, that you can adjust, (as by classical mechanics) is resistance. Mechanical modes do not like short circuit, that is why it is very important to service your atomizer correctly. The coils should be tightly clamped with posts and installed filigree on center. Any short-circuit on the atomizer will interfere with correct operation of your device. In addition, you must choose correctly a battery for your mod and for your build. Mechanical modes allow for use only high-current batteries. The battery amperage should approach the coils resistance.

    Mechanical modes for more than one battery can also differentiate by type of connection. There are only two connection types: parallel and series. Parallel connection is when the voltage of your batteries is not added up. Let us assume, you have two batteries that are powered by 3,7 volts. By parallel connection, the voltage will remain the same, regardless of the number of batteries. In this case, the battery capacity will decrease in turn. In the case of a series connection, the voltage of your battery will be added up. That is, in a device with two batteries you will get 7,4 Volts on your atomizer. It's a lot. Аor this reason builds working on parallel and series connection differ significantly in resistance.

    As I mentioned before, there are several basic form factors of mechanical modes.

      Tube-shaped mechanical mods are the most common and they can be made of aluminum, brass and copper. If your mod can be customized, it is a big advantage. When you will get your first tube and will use it for several months, you will understand perfectly what I'm talking about, because a visual appearance of your mech can get on the nerves in the course of time, excepting the cases, then it is a limited version with amazing engravings!

      Some manufacturers leave open a possibility to change the appearance of their devices, and some of them does not allow for it. About this, we'll talk in a separate topic how to choose a right mechanical mod.
      Box Mod

      This kind of mod is more rarity. Especially in Russia. Of course, they exist in the market, but in a much smaller volume. Unregulated boxmodes made of a variety of materials from plastic to copper (and these one are really heavy) .

      Mech are most common in the USA and, attention, in the Philippines. In occasion of the first everything is clear, but what about the second case – I don't know at all, as so it has turned out, but it is what it is.
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