Manual transmission
Manual transmission
Hi everyone! Today, we'll talk about the variety of mechanical mods choice. If you are just about to purchase your first mech, it will be helpful for you to know a lot of subtle aspects related to the choice.
SS304 and SS316 – stainless steel
This is one of the cheapest materials using in the mechs manufacturing. Accordingly, the original mechs made of stainless steel will please you with attractive price. Beyond that, a highly polished stainless steel can retain its original appearance for a very long time. The principal failure of stainless steel is the lowest electrical conductivity among all the materials used in the industry. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this material has almost disappeared from the industry at the present time.
Brass is a much softer metal, but with very good conductivity. Brass should be cleaned much more often than a stainless steel. In addition, brass might cause your hands skin turn to green because of permanent oxidation and that's really bothering. Just take in hand just polished brass mech and your hands will became a gray-green shades in a few moments.
Just the lightest possible material for mechanical mod. As to other characteristics of aluminum, there are almost identical to stainless steel. The major disadvantages of this material are an evident loss of voltage and very high thermal conductivity. Bluntly put, your device will become very hot. For these reasons it is very difficult and not pleasant to use aluminum mech at low resistance.
The main advantage is minimal loss of voltage. Copper is second best in terms of electrical conductivity among all elements of the periodic table. In my humble opinion, the red-pinky shade of copper looks most advantageous and pretty. Copper is the most expensive material in present discussion, respectively, copper mechs are top-priced.
The button should be easy pressed. It is extremely important. I know a several devices, that are just great, but they did not come into common use only because of a very inconvenient button press. When choosing a device, pay attention to it.

By pressing the button contacts must be in tight contact with a battery, in the absence of a constant contact system. This helps to prolong life of mech and to provide a minimum voltage till the next cleaning. Now mechs without constant contact still can be found at the market, but every year their market share is cut down significantly. In addition, the fewer details in the contact unit, the less losses of voltages and that is an axiom.

There are two main types of buttons: magnetic and spring. In the first case, two poles of a magnet, repelled from each other, serve as a breaker. In the second case, the button is pressed by means of spring resistance. Easy as piece of cake.

In addition to all the above mentioned, mechanical mods can catch your interest with its peachy visual appearance. I know a lot of stories, when vapers have purchased one of the mechs with most disgusting characteristics only because of the fancy design. It's up to you to choose, my dear friends!

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