Making-up feed
Making-up feed
To be honest, squonks have appeared very long ago. I can assure you that the first quonk was created long before the popularization of vaping in Russia. According to various sources, this was 2008 or 2009. Accordingly, the segment of bottom feeders existed long before the beginning of the universal hype for electronic cigarettes and develops throughout the global distribution of the industry. But most of the time it develops separately from everyone else.

Squonk is a mod with a built-in tank for e-juice, which is fed directly to the drip through a flexible pipe. All this works very simply and understandably. Squonk tanks are often made of silicone, less often from soft plastic. When you press the bottle, your e-liquid runs directly in cotton wool and coils through squonk pin. Squonks can be entirely mechanical, may have a mosfet, or they may even be equipped with plate.

The very first squonks are JuiceBox and R. E. O, that were constructed somewhere about 2010 by American engineers. These models did not have much popularity and remained only narrowly known.
For several years the squonk segment has not received proper attention and stayed in the background. 2015 several Chinese companies paid attention to the shape factor and made several collapsed attempts to release the devices under discussion. The most famous of them were DripBoxes by Kangertech. These devices had a lot of problems, they were notoriously scolded by reviewers for the construction, adjustment and a huge number of completely illogical engineering solutions. Despite all the drawbacks, the whole world drew attention to the archetype of devices and found it very curious and fascinating.
In mid-2017 European and American bottom feeders appeared actively in hands of vapers around the world. The golden age of squonks has come, which continues to this day. Our friends from the Heavenly Empire try to keep up all general trends, but in 99% of cases quality and performance of Chinese squonks are significantly below the average.

What about geography of manufacturers, Europe is leading here with a long shot. The most qualitative and interesting samples are made by engineers from Serbia, Switzerland, Italy and so on. Americans are up-and-doing, and they can also boast a number of quite suitable devices that are actively spreading in the market. Surprisingly, our local producers are keeping apace with the whole planet. In issue-related publics you can easily find makers from Russia, whose products enjoy quite the same high demand.
An important detail is that squonks are mostly the high-ends. The price for a really good bottom feeder starts from 10,000 rubles. Of course, you can find some pretty interesting samples for 5000 or 6000 rubles, but they can't boast with anything outstanding. Of course, they will work well and will fit smooth to your hand, but their main task will be only your acquaintance with the world of bottom feeders. If you are one of those who purchase only the best and rare devices for yourself, just be ready to cough up tens of thousands of rubles for a really steep squonk made of expensive materials.

By the way, about the purchase! The vast majority of cool squonks are not sold in shops. In order to acquire an authentic BF, you need to monitor the groups of producers in Facebook or participate in lotteries. I strongly advise you to subscribe to Squonk Squad in Vk to be wrapped in movement. By no means, this is not advertising. Simply this community is the only place where you can spell out everything about a squonk, about lotteries and other details from the world of Squonk.
Apart from everything else, squonks gave a second life to single-coil drips, the kind of atomizers, which just recently could not find a permanent application, and then appeared on the market, then disappeared as unnecessary. Now, single-coil drips and bottom feeder are friends forever.
There are several reasons for this.
First, squonks and their contacts do not like very low resistance. Accordingly, a drip with one coil is the best solution in this situation. And the resistance here is higher than by classic mechs and output of one battery will be enough for one coil, which allows Squonk to vape well.
Secondly, single-coil drips fit perfectly into the squonk rhetoric about stealth vaping. Small drips look pretty good in small squonks. These devices look very laconic and do not take up much space in your pockets or hands.
Thirdly, single-coil is installed at the center of base and is very easily wetted by pumping e-juice from the tank. When catching the trick of bottom feeders and single-coil drips, you can easily fill any e-liquid and enjoy delicious vape without burnt taste, constant refilling and removing of domed top cap from your drip.
In my humble opinion future belongs to squonks.
If for some reason you still have not tried to use squonk, I would highly recommend it.
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