Dry Vaping
Dry Vaping
Hi everyone! Today let's talk about burnt taste and dry hit.
What are these? What are they caused by? How to cope with them and how to prevent them? I'll answer all these questions below. This information won't be of great value for expert vapers, it would still be useful to get reacquainted with the basics!

Burnt taste is the result of a pull made when your coils and wick are dry, and that’s an unforgettable experience. Vapers can feel burnt taste when there is no e-liquid on either wick or coils. It is easy to feel burnt taste, if you try to vape but forgive to drop the e-liquid on your new wick. I was the eyewitness to several situations in vape shops when an adviser gave to a customer a device with a brand new dry build. The unconscious customer did rather heavy pull. You’re gonna weep just having a look at that customer afterwards. In fact burnt taste is often accompanied by open fire. Well, so if you have actually impressed voltage on a coil with absolutely dry wick in it, the wick would break into flame. No kidding. Just imagine your feelings at that moment. What you’ll definitely have are burning throat and snot nose.

Forewarned is forearmed. It's a popular quote! If you've just joined the world of vaping, you'd better know all the situations where the burnt taste may appear. Let's start.
It’s simple — you’ve just forgotten to drop the e-liquid on your new coils.
Not you, maybe, but someone else can face with a situation similar to the above mentioned one. Please mind your coils. This is especially important if you are vaping at high voltages. This is also the case with old coils. It’s possible, but less probable. The reason is that in this case the burnt taste will be preceded by the dry hit. It’s a kind of warning that your wicking material is going to burn into flame. But I’ll tell about it later.
You’ve made a mistake in your calculations and chosen the wrong build/watts ratio.
High watts require fat and big coils. Bigger coils require more watts to heat them up. If you have stuffed your atomizer with small clapton coils, fuse coils, or, Heaven forbid, micro coils, and decided to heat it up at 150+ watts, you have a good chance to feel immediately a strong burnt taste. The reason is quite simple — the coil weight is too low with regard to its power. Coils become red-hot in the split second. No matter how much amount of juice was on your coils at that moment, it’ll evaporate in a twinkle, and then the coil will make the dry wick burn to flame. The result is the burnt taste.
Your coil is old and must be replaced.
Coils and wicks are disposable items. We’ll talk about it later as this is a topic for another article. And for now you should understand that your coils would turn into coal if not cleaned up or replaced for a long time. Thus you’ll heat up coal and get the e-liquid flavor mixed with that of coal and a burnt taste. It’s not that disgusting as inhalation of burnt cotton wool fume, but it is unpleasant as well. Those who had experienced it will surely understand me.
As for the hardcore burnt taste effects, these three paragraphs would be enough for you to know, but the burnt taste has a "younger brother" known as a dry hit. It’s much more humane although more frequent.

A dry hit is caused by a pull made when your wicking material is almost dry. Just imagine that there is still some e-juice on your wick and coils, but it’s not enough to render a pure e-liquid flavor. The result is your e-liquid flavor mixed with the off-flavor of your wick. Although it won’t hurt you, it’s still an quite unpleasant thing. As I said before, a dry hit precedes the burnt taste. You may not ignore it. One or two more dry hits— and here is the burnt taste. Be carefull!
What are causes of a dry hit?
You have evaporated all the e-liquid from your drip and haven't put new drops yet.
It's the most common case. The expert vapers know that it's time to put new drops in the drip when they began to feel a slight off-flavor of the wicking material together with the e-juice flavor. So a dry hit may become a frind of yours and help you prevent a burnt taste.
You have failed to lay the wicking material in a tank in a proper way.
In this case the wicking material is feeding the e-liquid to the tank too slowly. So the e-juice evaporates faster than being fed, and your wicking material stays somewhat dry for a while. There are two solutions: make a long pause after each pull or lay the wicking material once again in a proper way.
You have a tank, and your pulls are too frequent.
Unfortunately, this also can happen. No one is perfect, even with the perfectly laid wick. There must be a short pause after each pull. If you are making nonstop fast pulls for a long time, the e-liquid won't get to coils through the wicking material in time. Of course, many things depend on your tank design. There are models where your wicking material would be just flooded with the e-juice, and coils would almost never dry up, but we are speaking about the most typical cases and most typical tanks. Be careful and take your time. Vaping is a hasteless ceremony.

Please take care about your device. Check your atomizer for e-juice more often. Try to keep in mind the amount of liquid required by your drip and an approximate number of pulls after which you’d better refill your drip. I wish you dense and tasteful vapor. See you next time!
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