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There are several types of inhale. The most accepted among vapers is the direct-to-lungs (DTL) inhale, also known as hookah or Californian inhale.

This is when you inhale vape into the lungs. This type of inhale is most common. But here it time to remember the fact why most of us have become users of electronic cigarettes at all – because cancelation of tobacco cigarettes.

If among the readers of this article are present real mammoths of vaping, they should clearly remember that the first e-cigarettes were exclusively with cigarette inhale. It that was the whole point, lol.

Electronic cigarettes at that time were supposed to simulate the real ciggies as accurately as possible. Accordingly, at this point, we should mention the second type of inhale known as MTL (mouth-to-lungs). It's about this I'm going to talk in following paragraphs.»
With the transformation of vaping from the way to quit smoking to a separate subculture, the cigarette inhale filed as a history, and its adherents remained only those few who for some reason did not like the free hookah inhale.

Nobody expected and no one thought that in mid-2017 a tight cigarette inhale would become again insanely popular and the market would be flooded in colossal quantities with atomizers with simply airflow especially for very MTL-inhale. This is one of many proofs that the whole industry is spiraling on.

Mouth To Lung (MTL is when you inhale vape first into the mouth, squeezing your cheeks and only then into the lungs. Exactly the same as you do with an ordinary cigarette. This is what makes this imitation possible. First of all, this effect is achieved due to the poor airflow of your atomizer, but airflow is not the last feature, which is responsible for amount of vape on the MTL device. Let us get all this straightened out.
Since we have a tight inhale and vape and we are going to absorb quite a bit, there is not any sense to put fat coils under high output. Most often, MTL atomizers work on the single-coil and this is quite enough.

The operating capacity for cigarette inhale is somewhere between 10-30 watts, depending on the atom and your preferences. For the cigarette inhale there are practically no complicated and porous spirals. Huge clouds are not needed, but for the taste and saturation are responsible small airflows, a small vape chamber and a high content of nicotine in liquids.

Ordinary microcoil is the most common solution for a fan of tight draw. Easy and efficient. Of course, there are also those people who insanely adore learning out advanced tricks for MTL, but it seems to me personally that there is practically no difference.
E-liquid and throat-hit

Many men, many minds, especially this applies to vaping, because all this is about how diverse and subjective is a taste. But! I've never met vapers that vape e-liquids with a small nicotine content on tight inhale. Seriously, a minimum of 6 mg and this is something rare. Most often 9-12 mg of nicotine.

Why is that? And everything is very easy. Inasmuch as the vape volume that we breathe by cigarette inhale is much less than by hookah, a nicotine saturation by 3 mg cannot come. That's why we need at least 6 mg.

Otherwise, we will not move down an atomizer from the mouth, because we will not feel the nicotine saturation. In addition, the greater the nicotine content, the brighter will be the throat hit, and the proper TH is one of the main goals of the ideal MTL vaping.

By the way, about throat hit: it can be achieved not only with the help of high content of nicotine. If you feel that more than 6 mg it's too much for you, but you cannot get the right throat hit, try to lift your spiral as high as possible above the airflow. This is such a small life hack that allows you to slightly increase the throat hit.

If you began to vape after the worldwide popularization of electronic cigarettes and started already with the DTL inhale, but at the same time periodically break down on ordinary cigarettes, just try to discover cigarette inhale. With properly selected device and competent maintenance of your MTL atomizer, you will be pleasantly surprised by the similarity of tight inhale and ordinary smoking.
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