Vaping ethics

Vaping ethics
Vaping is a kinda large subculture, as you already know. And like any subculture, it has an own community. In its turn this community has several behavioral pattern and habits. And this is exactly what I would talk about. So, the topic will be the bad habits of the average vaper.

May be, that some of the listed things that I want to write about, will seem evidn and known to all, but, unfortunately, this is not so. Many of people I meet and with whom I sometimes have to communicate, do not quite understand a lot of basic trivia.
Think of others
It is worth respecting other people and their private space. Of course, I do not encourage you not to vape outside at all, it would be stupid, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to vape a huge clouds in public places with a large crowd of people. We should treat the conservatism of other people with understanding, even if they do not treat us with understanding.

You really don’t need an extra reason for any conflict, and vape subculture don’t need excessive attention with negative overtones. Put it bluntly, it isn’t the best idea to vape in a crowd of people at the street. It’s impolite, ugly and stupid. The fact that you personally like the flavor and smell of your e-juice does not mean that others can appreciate it positively.

Don't be a goof!
Do not engage in an aggressive polemic concerning the lesser harm of electronic cigarettes. Nothing good will never come of a radical attitude. Is it necessary to prove that black is white and white black, if we all know the truth perfectly. If someone is interested in your experience regarding electronic cigarettes, and then tries to prove to you that all this is even more harmful, based on some strange sources and dubious experts (Elena Malysheva, hello!), just ignore it. In this case, the person does not want to understand the question. He is more interested in feeling right. This is normal, because people are afraid of everything new, and trying to fix it is completely useless.
Do not be shy
If you have recently started to be interested in electronic cigarettes, do not be afraid to ask people about what you don't understand yet. There is nothing wrong. Vaping is quite a deep direction, and it's very difficult to find out all its nuances on its own. Do not hesitate to ask questions to vape shop employees, while simultaneously plunging into the subtleties and specifics of vape. Vape community is one of the most friendly and cohesive; you can always get prompt or advise. The most important way to avoid unexpected costs and useless purchases is being not afraid to ask and be interested.
Stay original
I cannot force you to purchase only original devices. No one can. It is a subject only to your wallet. Although it would be fair to mention that you can choose a device for almost any budget with today’s variety of the market. For this reason, the argument "I bought a clone because there was not much money" is not going to work. I, for one, never purchase any clones, so I do not support their producers. I believe that the money should be received only by the creators of the original idea, and not by those who stole the idea from it and made a cheap forgery on its basis. Well, if in the question of devices this issue is still open to many, then in the field of liquids I’m more categorical and I want to call for this too. To clone liquids or to repackage they and try to conform, that there are original goods, it the worst idea of ever. This should be never purchased. A clone of any e-liquid is not worthy of your money, and its producer must be thrown into prison.
Don't be obtrusive
Vape is a matter of taste and preferences and this is a thing on a case-by-case basis. Please, don't argue furiously to your friend that his setup is just rubbish, and yours is the best one forever and ever. There are a lot of us and all people are different: someone likes pipes, someone squonk on plates, someone with a tight cigarette inhale, and someone iJust with vaporizers, and that's fine. Do not impose your opinion and your taste on others, especially if you have not been asked about it. Be easy and tolerant of the preferences of others.

What did I want to say with all over mentioned? The fact that if at least half of all vapers will follow these simple rules of politeness, the whole community, like the whole industry, will make a huge step forward and will start to grow even more than it is today.
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